Sleep advice for teenagers

Adolescence and young people’s sleep problems (aged 12 and upwards)


Dependence and overuse of phones and other IT equipment

Transmission of blue lights affecting sleep and fear of missing out on social events/conversation



For example the pressure of exams, studying, homework, social friendships and groups. Worry about family changes or bullying (also including online bullying and peer pressure), online grooming or self-harming


Hormones and changes

Adolescents are going through major physical and emotional changes and this can affect them. From falling in love to coming to terms with growing up or becoming aware of sexuality – there are more important things to do in life than sleep at what is considered the right time


Delayed sleep onset

Familiar stories of the adolescent who can’t get up. They still need sleep, so if it’s delayed they will want to sleep late which disrupts the normal body-clock and it may need resetting


Alcohol and drugs (including caffeine use)

 Most are stimulants and will affect sleep



Not eating at the right times, processed foods, energy or sports drinks (containing sugar and caffeine)


Social activities

Wanting to be out late at night


Anxiety and depression

Clinical diagnosis


Eating disorders

Over eating, anorexia and bulimia



Poorly controlled diabetes (insulin dependent)



Autistic spectrum disorder

Book your consultation, with tailored advice from an expert

Basic package

After a free 15-minute telephone consultation, you can sign up to a plan of support which includes up to an hour’s phone/video call assessment, so that I can understand the problems you are facing. An individual plan will be emailed to you and a further 30-minute telephone appointment will be scheduled in when you are ready to start. Following this we will have up to 10 daily emails and a phone call of up to 30 minutes at the end to review progress.

Price £200

Introduce a friend and receive 20 % back from your consultation on completion of their package of care.

Package 2

After a free 15 minute telephone consultation on facetime/skype, I will then visit you at home for 60 – 90 minutes to carry out a sleep assessment. 

This will be followed up by an email with the tailored plan of support within 48 hours and followed up by up to 10 emails to monitor and support progress and a 30-minute telephone call

Price £240

Introduce a friend and receive 20 % back from your consultation on completion of their package of care.

Bespoke Package

You can sign up to the Bespoke teenager package which includes a 60- 90-minute home visit for an assessment then a booked return for 12 hour package of care, supporting you with a sleep plan in your own home from morning up to the time when your child goes to bed. Followed up with a written sleep plan within 48 hours and then up to 10 daily emails and a 30 minute telephone call.

Price £300

I also offer a ‘Bespoke teenager night package – night to day’ which offers the above, plus up to 10 x emails and 2 further home visits for up to 60 minutes each.

Price £420

Each subsequent night booked is £300 per 12-hour night.

Introduce a friend and receive 20 % back from your consultation on completion of their package of care.

All care packages must be paid for at the time of booking. Travel expenses will be added for home visits of more than an hour traveling time or above a 30-mile radius. Regrettably, we are not able to refund money for cancellations. However we can rebook any session cancelled for emergencies such as child illness (within 4 weeks, unless otherwise agreed with me).