How can I help you and your loved ones?

Undertake an assessment and set up a plan of care

If you would like support with a child or young person’s sleep problems you can ask for a free 15 minute assessment. During this period I’ll ask you a few questions to ensure I can be of help and then offer you the choice of different packages of care.

Once you have booked a package of care, the next stage is a thorough assessment. This is very detailed to ensure we can put the best plan of care together for your specific needs. When the assessment has been completed a tailor made plan will be emailed to you for consideration.

Following that, a discussion either (in person or by phone or email, depending on what package of care you have decided upon) will be had, where you will be able to ask any questions, raise any issues and decide upon a start date.

If your child is old enough and you, or they, would like to be involved in the assessment and care, they can be invited to attend and sessions can be planned around this.

Follow-ups will be in accordance with your plan of care, however urgent queries will be addressed as soon as possible. I may ask to contact you after the care has finished at a later date, just to see how you are getting on.

What if we can’t help you?

I’ll know from the free 15 minute assessment if I can be of assistance. If I can’t, I will certainly do my best to suggest other professionals or services better suited to you.

Book your consultation, with tailored advice from an expert